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Broad fart, You dumbass, Evil laugh, Big smooch, Giddy laugh, Man says "SHUTUP!", Tarzan call, People clapping, Sick puke, Baboon gets excited

Quiz Show:
Cheering and clapping, Ring In, Tick tock, Wrong Answer, Jeopardy Theme Song, Slap, Party horn, You dumbass, Heart beating, Man yelling "HEY!"

Paul's Pad:
Tick tock, Wrong Answer, You dumbass, Baby crying, Donkey groaning, Big smooch, Bomb blast

Call the Animal Control Officer:
Baboon gets excited, Bear roar, Buffalo snorts, Chimp gets excited, Donkey groaning, Horse whinney, Maniacal hyena, Wicked chipmunk laugh, Wolf howls, Whining dog

Take me to the Rainforest:
Chachalaca What?, Crickets, Frogs, Frogs, More Frogs!, Kookabura Gone Crazy, Sounds of the Amazon, Rainforest 101, Talking Monkeys, Owl hooting, Cricket chirping, Jungle

Song and TV Clips:
You dumbass, Big Butt, Celebrate, Homer wants beer, Insult of Opposites, Says cool, Smokin', Snoopy Sarcasm, You're as cold as ice, Homer wants beer

Prost!, Bier hier (beer here), Homer wants beer, Wet burp, Long burp, Quick yodel, Beer Barrel Polka, Eins, Zwei, Drei... Prost!, Ein Prosit Der Gemutlichkeit, Sick puke

Bush: Fool me once..., Bush: We Won't, but We Will!, Bush: Sovereign means..., Bush: OB-GYNs practice love, Bush: Osama and Hanukkah, Bush: Poor People Not Killers, Bush: Humans and Fish, Bush: Our Enemies..., Bush: Internets, Bush: I'm the Decider

Pirates! Arrrr!:
Arrrrr!!!, Pirates Life For Me, Popping a cork, Avast! Ya Scurvy Scum!, Rough Sword Fight, Welcome Aboard Swabbie!, Ding! Ding!, Shiver Me Timbers!, Parrot Squawks, Whip 'n Scream

Help from Others:
You dumbass, Bush: Fool me once..., Excuuuuuse Me!!!!, Hasta La Vista Baby, Says cool, Houston We Have Problem, Insult of Opposites, Intrigued "Ohhh", Smokin', Not!!!

Ali G:
Yagshamash, Big up yourself, Boyakasha, Respect

Everyday use:
Child crying, Child laughing, Cricket chirping, Hasta La Vista Baby, Great piece of ass, Man says "SHUTUP!", Pirates Life For Me, Soul is mine, Whip 'n Scream, You dumbass

worm and jamie:
Soul is mine, Fallen, Baby crying, Hasta La Vista Baby, 12Ga shotgun

Random Yet Funny:
Baby giggling, Playoffs?!?!, 12Ga shotgun, Sounds sweet, Jeopardy Theme Song, Crowd Moaning, Wrong Answer, Giddy laugh, Strong fart, Quick yodel

Simon Says...:
Giving Me a Headache, There's Bad... and Then There's You!, If you were a horse..., Not Awful...Dreadful!, Simon says Your Terrible, Got a Talent..., Your Voice... a Circus Attraction, Killed My Favorite Song, Your Voice... a Circus Attraction, Something Pleasant to Say... No!

Drone = Pilotless Airplane:
Mr. Howe (angry), Any Other Kind of Drone!?, You Tell Me Right Now!, Don't You Check These Things?!, No Such Thing... Non-Pilotless-Drone!, Drone = Pilotless Airplane!, Drone!, Sinking In?!, You High School Dropout!!, Eh? Get-it?!

Regal Brass Fanfare

Drone!, Aren't You There To Ensure...

Kevin and Bean:
Chizeck chizeck, What it do nephew?, Chizeck chizeck, No no no!, Pounding some brews, I'm all about the vagina, You're a doodoo head, Boooooooo, Absolutely incorrect!, We have a winner

Creative Vibes:
Yee Haa!, Wah wah, Wrong Answer, Quick yodel, Lou Gehrig: Luckiest Man, Lion roars quickly, You're a doodoo head, Wolf howls, You're as cold as ice, Wedding song

People clapping

Halloween Freaker:
Evil laugh, Ghost hooing, Creaky door opening, Girl screaming, Girl shrieks, Man screams wildly, Owl hooting, Wolf howls, Old door opening, Witch laughing

from da hood:
Shotgun fire, Chain gun fire, Machine gun fire

Bruce Lee talks:
I wanna talk to you, You will not agree..., Contrary to All that you have taught me, Try to find a way to forgive me, No thanks, You have offended my family and temple, Don't concentrate on the finger or..., Don't Think! Feel!, You know, baby!, Oooaahhiiioo!

Dr. Phil fun:
Dr.Phil: Hello, Dr. Phil: How's it goin?, Dr. Phil, How you doing overall?, So do you have a job?, Are you having sex?, Dr. Phil: Load of crap, Are you nuts?, Start having a gay relationship, OKay

Worst guy in the world:
Good morning July, We're gonna talk about my..., I should be allowed to..., I was giving her a chance to impress me., I just wanted to let her know that next , I live in a secure building..., Gawker, Fark, everyone has posted..., People that know me are taking me off..., People are calling me constantly..., If this could happen to an Ivy League gr

por que no te callas:
por que no te callas (shut up), por que no te callas (shut up), por que no te callas (shut up), por que no te callas (shut up), por que no te callas (shut up), por que no te callas (shut up), por que no te callas (shut up), por que no te callas (shut up), por que no te callas (shut up), por que no te callas (shut up)

Non-stop laughing, Oh Behave!, Shiver Me Timbers!, Sheep baaing, People clapping, Whip crack, Rooster cock-a-doodle-doo!, Sounds sweet, Tarzan call, Punch and grunt

Sgt. Hartman Full Metal Jacket:
What's ur name scumbag!?, Do you like that name?, Well, no shit..., I'm asking the questions here!, Are you shook up?!, Well any time sweetheart!, Are you a peter puffer?, You could suck a golf ball, Were you about to call me an ahole?, I like you. You can come over...

Play to win the game!:
Hello!, You play to win!, You don't play to just play, You play to win!!, Don't care you don't have any wins, You go play to win!, Great thing about sports, Doesn't matter?, Then retire!, Get out!

All your base are belong to us:
All your base are belong to us, All your base are belong to us, All your base are belong to us, All your base are belong to us, All your base are belong to us, All your base are belong to us, All your base are belong to us, All your base are belong to us, All your base are belong to us, All your base are belong to us

Sexy Nikita:
I'm Nikita, I'm from Czech Rupeublic. You?, Great!, Must show you my body, Want me to touch myself?, Feels so good, You like my boobies?, I want you to spank my boobs, Oohhh...ahhhh..., I wanna taste my ass!

Fart Pad:
James Brown Stains, Cheese Dog, What are you saying?, Bronx Rear, Morning Doo, Bugle Boy, Long and Winded Road, Prelude to A Crap, Squat Thrust, And that's the truth

Steve Jobs iPhone Boom:
Every once in a while..., What iphone is, Booooom, BOOM, and Boom..., and Boom. Done., Boom Boom Boom, But there is one more thing..., bom, We're done

Witch laughing, Pop, pour, and toast, Pop, pour, and toast

I'm Nikita, Sheep baaing, You like my boobies?, Baby sheep baa, I wanna taste my ass!, Baby sheep baa, Feels so good, Very nice! (like Borat), You like my boobies?, How much? (like Borat)

Rain forest
Highway Driving (Windows Open)
Highway Driving (Windows Closed)
At the Playground
Sporting Event
Cattle Drive
Walking in the City
Pancho's Mexican Restaurant
Walking along the Highway (rainy)
My Party
Infantry and tanks attack
Airport Terminal
At the Beach
Busy Office
In the Shower
Angry Mob
Java Beach Cafe (w/laugh)
Irish Washerwoman
Wing's Groove
Phat drum loop: stone fox chase
Rhodes Basic
Rhodes Gmi F7
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